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This Finejewelers.com review seeks to establish where this site stands among the many online diamond and jewelry stores in operation today. Finejewelers.com is known for its deeply discounted prices and wide selection of pieces in a number of categories. Is this site one you should visit when shopping for jewelry? Here’s what we found.


First things first: if you’re looking for loose diamonds, you will have to look elsewhere, as Finejewelers doesn’t deal with them. Instead, they focus primarily on preset diamond jewelry items and other types of pieces in a variety of categories. When you factor in the combination of pieces, materials, and styles available at Finejewelers.com, the number of choices is impressive.

Two of the most outstanding areas of Finejewelers are the clearance and designer sections. The clearance section features some really nice deals on everything from bracelets and earrings, to engagement rings and wedding sets. The variety of designers present at Finejewelers.com is also pretty impressive, mainly tending towards the mid-market, although some more upscale options like Carlo Viani are also present.


Browsing at Finejwelers.com largely conforms to the general standards and styles of online jewelry shopping. Items are displayed with clear, large photos which provide a good sense of the look and feel of the item. A keyword search is also available, and it’s possible to search and sort by price, designer, and popularity.


When you click on an item while browsing at Finejewelers.com, you’re taken to a page with detailed information about the item, as well as the opportunity to view a larger photo. This sort of thing is largely par for the course among online diamond and jewelry stores, and Finejewelers.com doesn’t really do anything to stand out in this respect, whereas some other retailers offer more advanced methods for viewing their items at different angles.

Service and Guarantees

Finejewelers.com offers service by telephone and email. Their policies include a standard 30 day return policy, as well as a lifetime warranty on items including 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum jewelry.


Shipping at Finejewelers.com is free on continental US orders of $49.95 or more. Note that this is USPS ground shipping and not the courier service offered by many other retailers. Shipping rates to other areas can vary significantly, and you will need to go through the process of setting up an order before learning how much shipping will cost.