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This James Allen review will look at one of the world’s top online diamond stores. James Allen boasts a large selection of loose diamonds and other products as well as some very handy online inspection features intended to help shoppers make the most informed purchase possible. How does James Allen compare to the competition? Here’s what we found.


Like many online diamond stores, James Allen deals primarily in loose diamonds. At the time of review, James Allen had over 33,000 loose diamonds to choose from. The only knock against James Allen’s loose diamond selection is that they have relatively strict quality requirements. You won’t find diamonds with color ratings lower than K, for example, so shoppers on very tight budgets may find fewer potential choices here than what might be available elsewhere.

James Allen also offers products in a number of other categories. In addition to preset diamond, gold and gemstone rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, they provide a host of “design your own” options, which allow you to combine loose diamonds of your choosing with various ring, earring, or pendant settings. James Allen’s selection and quality of settings is as good as anything out there, so between the diamonds and settings available, the possibilities are endless.


James Allen’s loose diamond search engine is also one of the better ones currently online. You start by choosing a diamond shape, and after that, you can further narrow down the results by all the usual grading criteria. The search results are displayed in an easy to understand chart format which allows you to sort by price, or any of the “four Cs”.


Where James Allen really stands out is with their range of online inspection features. When you click on the “View” or “Photo” buttons alongside any of your search results, you can view the diamond in James Allen’s Virtual Loupe, which allows you to click and drag a loupe over an actual photo of the diamond in question for a closer inspection. While the view provided is understandably not quite as vivid as seeing the diamond in person, this is by far the best such feature available online at the moment.

For preset rings, meanwhile, you can use James Allen’s 3HD player to view rings from all angles in high definition, alone or on a hand. These features help to provide that extra, critical bit of detail, so that you can purchase with greater confidence.

Service and Guarantees

James Allen’s customer service is top-notch, with various forms of support available including live chat, email, and telephone. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 60-day free resizing, both of which are in line with current industry standards.


James Allen offers free shipping within the continental US and Canada, with FedEx Priority Overnight for all orders over $500, and FedEx Two Day Saver for smaller orders. Free international shipping and insurance is also available for orders under $1000, while international orders over $1000 are subject to a shipping fee of $50 plus 1% of the order total.


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